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Welding Robotic A6S and A6DS Tandem Welding Heads
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Specification of

Robot welding machines suitable for heavy construction welding
Able to weld DC / DC, DC / AC or AC / AC
Using the A2-A6 PEK Controller Process for fast and accurate welding parameter programming for each torch
The feedback system provides high and consistent welding quality from start to finish, saving time and money
Versatile position through easy use, complete slide assembly for welding torch position, stick-out distance and leading and trailing torch angle
Increase productivity by adding optional equipment such as the Twin Wire system and Integrated Cold Wire (ICE ™)
The welding head can be equipped with a standard wire feeder unit (gear ratio 156: 1) or with a high-speed wire feeder unit (gear ratio 74: 1)
Available in two basic versions, A6S Tandem Master and A6DS Tandem Master with several configurations to meet certain security, quality and productivity requirements

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