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Welding Robotic A2-A6 PEK Process Controller
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21 Aug 2018
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Specification of

One standard Robot Controller for all SAAB ESAB equipment whether DC, AC, or AC / DC power source, tractor and Column and Boom. Standard controllers reduce operator training needs.
Reduces the risk of welding damage caused by the operator, and ensures compliance with WPS by limiting operator access to only the required parameters. PEK indicates whether the welding parameters are outside the set limits.
Easily changed from one job to the next with 255 programmable memory parameters that allow individual settings for all stations to be stored in each unit.
Easy to replicate parameters from one welding station to another or from the computer to the controller using a USB memory drive. No need for a laptop and an Ethernet connection on the welding station.
Welding backup and quality data store all relevant data for monitoring purposes.
Native language support for 19 native languages ​​including English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, etc.
Built in step controller for slide / spiral applications

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