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TIG Welding Machine BuddyTig 160 ESAB
TIG Welding Machine BuddyTig 160 ESAB
TIG Welding Machine BuddyTig 160 ESAB
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The TIG Buddy TIG 1600 ESAB welding machine is a TIG welding machine that is strong and durable, offering HF start and MMA. Powered by a fan that is very efficient and monitored by thermal protection. Equipped with 3 heat sinks that can increase product life. This Buddy Tig 160i HF ESAB welding machine offers TIG welding with smoother results. The HF arc feature protects against possible contamination of weld material, and the built-in gas faucet automatically regulates the gas flow to ensure lower gas consumption. Welding machine operators Buddy Tig 160i HF ESAB can choose between 2T or 4T torch trigger modes. Can be used to weld mild steel or stainless steel with or without filler material. This ESAB Buddy Tig 160i welding machine can also be used as a MMA welding machine, which provides a smooth DC current, so it can be used to weld almost all types of metal alloyed and non alloyed, stainless steel, and cast iron. Can be used on generator without worrying about damaging the components on this welding machine.

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