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Welding Wire MIG ESAB 316LSi
Welding Wire MIG ESAB 316LSi
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Specification of

Selling Welding Wire ESAB 316LSi
Welding Wire Esab Weld M 316LSi is Cr-Ni Mo wire which is resistant to corrosion for welding 18% Cr-10% N i-3% Mo. These welding wire ESAB alloys have good general corrosion resistance, especially alloys have excellent resistance to corrosion in acids and chlorinated enviorments. This alloy has a low carbon content that makes it• highly recommended if there is a risk of intergranular corrosion. Higher silicon content improves welding properties, such as wetting. This alloy is widely used in the chemical industry and food processing as well as in shipbuilding and various types of architecture. The unique surface of the wire end makes the feedabil ity wire more smoothly.
c      Si      Mnp             sCr         NiMo
Min       –0.651.4–        18.0     112.5


Classifications Wire Electrode:

EN ISO 14343 -A:                                   G 19 12 3 L Si

AWS A 5.9:                                                            ER316LSi


Werkstoff  Nr.:                                       -1.4430

Shielding  Gas:                                      M12/M13 (EN ISO 14175)

Alloy Type:                                             Austenitic 19°/o Cr – 12°/o Ni-3%Mo

Mechanical properties, all weld metal 



 Rp0.2(MPa) Rm(MPa)A4/A5( 0/o )@-60 °C
Min320 51025 
Typ.440 6203795J


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