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Welding Wire Stainless 308LSi ESAB
Welding Wire Stainless 308LSi ESAB
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Welding Wire ESAB Stainless Weld M 308L has good general corrosion resistance.

This alloy has a low carbon content which makes this alloy highly recommended for the risk of intergranular corrosion. This alloy is widely used in the chemical industry and food processing as well as for pipes, tubes and boilers.

Deposition Data

DiameterCurrentDeposition RateVoltageWire Feed Speed
1.0 mm80-240 A1.5-6.0 kg/h15-28 V4.0-16.0 m/min
1.2 mm100-300 A1.6-7.5 kg/h15-29 V3.0-14.0 m/min


Classifications:EN ISO 14343-A, G 19 9 L, Wire Electrode, SFA/AWS A5.9, ER308L, Wire Electrode, Werkstoffnummer, ~1.4316, Wire Electrode

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