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Magnetic Drill

Core Drill Magnetic Drilling Machines, Annular Cutters & Beveling Machines

BDS Maschinen GmbH is a manufacturer of made in Germany premium class Magnetic Drilling Machines also known as Magnetic Drill Presses, Annular Cutters and Plate Beveling Machines.

BDS is the worlds' leading manufacturer has in its product range more than 27 types of magnetic drill press dedicated to core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, reaming and countersink.

Moreover, BDS manufactures magnetic drilling machines as well as special drilling machines such as two types of rail drilling machines, pneumatic magnetic drilling machines, compact magnetic drilling machines, automatic magnetic drilling machines, cross table base magnetic drilling machines, etc.

With the modern production facility in Germany, BDS excels in manufacturing annular cutters with Europes' one of the modern manufacturing facility for producing premium quality annular cutters also called as core drills.

Within a short period of time BDS has also gained popularity worldwide for its automatic plate beveling machine. Along with the automatic beveling machine, BDS also has in its product range portable manual feed plate beveling machine, and seven other types of lightweight deburring & chamfering machines. Our Moto: Simply Better Drilling!


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